Remember how your Mom (or Mum) wrapped you in a warm towel as you exited the pool or the bathtub?

They aren’t quite as good as Mom’s hug’s but our Towel Hoodies are perhaps cooler than having your Mom chase you around the pool with a towel now that you are a teenager or an adult. 


These towel hoodies are perfect for warming up, looking good or just plain chillin' at the pool. Or wear them casually to the mall or the gym instead of a regular sweat shirt and you will surely turn some heads.

Towel Hoodies keep you warm and are much more convenient than trying to wrap yourself in a towel or struggle into a regular hoodie while wet.  Notice how the convenient pocket and extra-long sleeves on our Swim Sweat Hoodies make them extra functional.


Get Dry In Style and wear your towel!


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