For that "my ankles need air" modern look, go with our Swim Sweats towel capris. These are also a great option for those who find our towel pants are longer than they need as the sizing is the same except for the shorter length. 


Our long fitting towel capris with calf slits give you a cool style while maintaining most of the cover of a longer pant.


Towel capris will keep you warm and are much more convenient than trying to wrap yourself in a towel.  Notice the true full length leg and hip-hugging waist of our Swim Sweat towel capris. Plus the EZ-Cinch™ drawstring in our adult sizes that makes them easy to throw on after a dip.


Get Dry In Style and wear your towel!


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Note: Actual color shades may vary due to monitors and variation in dye runs.

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